Imtiaz Sardar, one of the co founding members of Golden Star Cricket Club, Bonn. He is one of the consistent performers in the team as well. He is based in Aachen but loves his cricket so much that he has to travel more than 200 kms to for each game day in Bonn.

He started his cricketing career on the roads of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, where Pakistani great like Sohaib Akhtar belongs.
He had a hard time getting into school team but luck favors the resisliant and he got in. Once he got a place, there was no looking back. He took 5 wickets in his first match and his school team won the match, and he got the accolades.

He joined a local club in Bonn(his home town in germany) known as Bonn Cricketing Society in 2001. That club went from playing at local level to be playing in German highest level i.e. German Bundesliga. He is an inspiring role model for younger guys. He also took the leadership role of being Vice Captain and performed it successfully.

He has been playing at the highest level of cricket in Germany since arriving i.e. German Bundesliga. He also joined management of the club as well as being vice-captain of the club. His old club was dismantled due to various reasons. Bonn cricketing soceity was no more. But he found a new home.

He Co-founded the club known as Golden Star Cricket Club Bonn (GSCC). He is serving as the playing vice-president of the club. He was allowed a place in Western Deutsche Cricket Verband(West Germany Cricket League) which is the western part of Deutsche Cricket Bund (German cricket association). He is an esteemed officer in the WDCV as well. He tries to support cricket in germany on every platform. His team started playing German Bundesliga and has been playing there since joining, which is great feat on its own. Golden Star Cricket Club Bonn, has finished second on several occasion’s but have been missing the winning platform. Maybe We will get there this year.

Regarding his cricketing skills, there is no apparent weaknesses in Imtaiz’s game. He could score all around the wicket, off both front foot and back, could tune his technique to suit every condition, temper his game to suit every situation, and made runs in all parts of the ground in all conditions.

Perhaps the best right-arm medium swing bowler, Imtiaz could make the ball walk and talk like no one else can. An explosive, exciting bowler who could change the game with the ball at any time and under any condition. He is one the best all rounders on the German circut. His team mates call him, Rawalpindi express, ofcourse like Sohaib Akhtar from his hometown of Rawalpindi. He is also vice-captain of a young and exciting team which will achieve alot in coming years.

He is also working with the local community about developing cricket. He has organized a number of events which exhibit the cricket to young German community.


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